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The Name Jar, compare book prices  The Name Jar
Author: Yangsook Choi  
ISBN: 0440417996   /   Paperback
Publisher: Dragonfly Books   /   2003-10-14
List Price: CAD8.99
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Heaven Is For Real, compare book prices  Heaven Is For Real
Author: Todd Burpo  
ISBN: 0849946158   /   Paperback
Publisher: W Publishing Group   /   2010-10-31
List Price: CAD20.99
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My Name Is Blessing, compare book prices  My Name Is Blessing
Author: Eric Walters  
ISBN: 1770493018   /   Hardcover
Publisher: Tundra Books   /   2013-09-10
List Price: CAD19.99
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My Name is Seepeetza, compare book prices  My Name is Seepeetza
Author: Shirley Sterling  
ISBN: 0888991657   /   Paperback
Publisher: Groundwood Books   /   1992-11-01
List Price: CAD10.95
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Tikki Tikki Tembo, compare book prices  Tikki Tikki Tembo
Author: Arlene Mosel  
ISBN: 0312367481   /   Paperback
Publisher: Square Fish   /   2007-04-17
List Price: CAD7.95
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I Heard The Owl Call My Name, compare book prices  I Heard The Owl Call My Name
Author: Margaret Craven  
ISBN: 1550413392   /   Paperback
Publisher: Fitzhenry and Whiteside   /   2005-01-10
List Price: CAD12.95
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Fatty Legs, compare book prices  Fatty Legs: A True Story
Author: Christy Jordan Fenton  Margaret Pokiak Fenton  
ISBN: 1554512468   /   Paperback
Publisher: Annick Press   /   2010-06-03
List Price: CAD12.95
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The Secret of Your Name, compare book prices  The Secret of Your Name
Author: David Bouchard  
ISBN: 0889954399   /   Hardcover
Publisher: Red Deer Press   /   2009-11-24
List Price: CAD24.95
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Boys Without Names, compare book prices  Boys Without Names
Author: Kashmira Sheth  
ISBN: 0061857602   /   Hardcover
Publisher: Balzer & Bray   /   2010-01-11
List Price: CAD21.00
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How to Lie with Maps, compare book prices  How to Lie with Maps
Author: Mark Monmonier  
ISBN: 0226534219   /   Paperback
Publisher: University Of Chicago Press   /   1996-05-01
List Price: CAD23.97
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